Drinking Coffee has an impact on your blood sugar, even without adding sugar!

Author: Brendan Coates | | Categories: coffee , cortisiol , blood sugar

Bodies by Brendan

I'm a big advocate of a "coffeeless" morning. Our bodies should arise bright eyed and bushy tailed naturally. Our circadian rhythm is meant to bring about cortisol higher in the mornings and less obviously in the evening. Coffee first thing in the morning dramatically increases blood sugar (even if the coffee is served black). As a result, the release of glycogen gets distributed into our blood circulation causing an elevated rise in blood sugar. This is basically called " fight or flight" this response increases more cortisol. Coffee is a stimulant: it releases provides and releases fuel. If you have a coffee first thing in the morning, then sit in your car for half hour 45 mins on your way to work, then go sit at your desk until lunch. ( drink another coffee)... This has an ongoing impact on elevated blood sugar levels... What happens if you don't use up that fuel? It turns to FAT. Take home message: Drink coffee before a workout or strategic mid or late afternoon when you have some running around to do. First thing in the morning and then ass sitting at work is NOT conducive for healthy blood sugar levels.