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Protein is our most important macronutrient, the other two of course are being carbohydrates and fats. Protein, is what we’re composed of, and as an athlete, competitive body-builder and nutrition expert, I cannot emphasize enough, how much we all need the right amount daily. The following easy to calculate formula is right out of my book #30daychallenge [1]. “As a general rule, you should consume 1.5g – 1.6g of protein per KG of your body weight”. For example, an individual weighing 68kg, (150lbs) should eat “roughly” 100g of protein per day. (Bodyweight 68KG X 1.5g Protein) = 102g of protein [2]. Lifestyle, caloric requirements and gender are a factor to consider. Working in an office setting would require less daily protein than working a laborious type occupation. When it comes to protein sources, meat is still #1, be sure to look for sustainable sources that are as humane as possible, without the use of growth hormone or antibiotics who pasture raise their stock rather than factory farmed. Now that more people are choosing to adopt plant-based diets, it is crucial to continue to balance each meal with adequate protein. Unfortunately, there are significant challenges when attempting to consume protein foods outside of meat and eggs. Reason being is because many of the plant-based protein sources are high in anti-nutrients, such as lectins, oxalates, and phytic acid. Dr. Gundry MD, has written an entire book on this subject called “The Plant Paradox” This is especially important for vegans and vegetarians to read and understand the problems associated with a diet high in anti-nutrients. Unfortunately, much of the plant-based foods can be heavy in these anti-nutrients. As a result, I believe it is advantageous to supplement with a high -grade protein powder such as SCHINOUSSA in the form of tasty shakes and smoothies. This is hands down the best protein powder I’ve ever used! What’s so special about it:

  1. The taste is incredible, no foul “science” taste or any lingering flavours.
  2. Mixability, no blender required, mixes easily, and definitely not chalky like many other brands.
  3. High Protein Count, in each scoop you get 25g of un-denatured protein! The plant-based protein may be a bit less, I’m not too sure.
  4. Minimal ingredients!
  5. Gluten free
  6. Keto friendly
  7. Made without the use of antibiotics or hormones
  8. It comes from New Zealand Whey, which is a superior quality of milk derived protein.
  9. Sugar free
  10. Lactose free
  11. Contains 5 cfu (colony forming units) of several strains of beneficial bacteria (probiotics)

Brendan Coates is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist based out of Georgetown and Burlington Ontario. You can find him teaching cooking classes within the Greater Toronto Area, or at his clinical practice.

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